Monday, November 22, 2010

November Update

So, life has been interesting lately. Sorry I haven’t been good at chronicling everything here, but I think some things are clearer in perspective.
First off, I am still working at the ER. I have grown more used to the job, and I feel like I am not screwing it up so badly now that I kind of know the lay of the land. Still, it is not exactly how I want to spend my life, so I have been working on applying to grad schools. Applying is honestly hard, what with the abject failures in the past few years. I worry that my effort is just going to go down the tubes again, but I have to hope otherwise. Research had always been my ultimate goal in any case, and I have felt far more committed to and excited about that career path than I ever did when I considered medicine.
Speaking of exciting developments, our new member of the family continues to develop right on schedule. He or she is doing well, and so is his or her mother, though she is very impatient for the little tyke to arrive. Little does the kid know that there is going to be some sort of holy war over who gets to raise it the instant it leaves the womb. My sisters and the new grandparents are going to spoil it rotten, and that’s not even considering the extended family. Ugh.
On another note, the old Quark writing group is reborn! Mwahahaha! We are meeting on Saturdays through the use of Skype’s conference call function. I think it has turned out to be a pretty big success. We have plenty of people submitting, a lot of good stories, and a minimum of bickering. Considering it’s a group I formed, that minimum is probably the best you could ask for, right? :) In any case, if anybody out there reading wants to join, just send me an email and we would be glad to add you to the group. Fresh meat always bleeds more after all. Heh heh heh…
All in all, life is going better than it has in a while. I have a lot of people to thank for it, for their patience with me and their constant support. Now I just need to make sure that their confidence does not go to waste. No pressure though.
Hope all of you guys are still doing well, and I will see you around!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

On Slacking Off

Yes, I'm still alive. I'll probably post an update a bit later on next week. Been busy with a few projects, working on a few things. Unfortunately, that has detracted from my work on this blog. Maybe I'll just go to one update a week; that could be easier to do.

In any case, sorry for the long sleep. Hope all is going well for you, and I will see you around.