Current Projects

The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley: Airships Over London (First Draft)

Lord Devonshire has won again.
Hector Kingsley, once on the verge of stopping the merciless crime lord’s plans, has been driven underground. He is now wanted by the law for crimes Devonshire has committed, and only through the aid of his friends has he remained free. Constables and criminals alike are hunting him, threatening his friends and family. All hope of stopping Devonshire seems lost; it is all Hector can do to stay alive.

Then, as all hope seems gone, an unlikely opportunity arises. Hector is approached by a former employer to carry out an investigation onboard the French embassy, an airship moored over the Thames. Though he faces danger and intrigue on an even more lethal scale, it is a chance that Hector must take, for Devonshire’s treasonous plans also involve the floating citadel—and Hector is sure that this time, he must finally defeat his foe or die in the attempt.

The Social Contract (Second Draft)
Richard Locke has never known a world without order. Disease is a myth; the introduction of symbiotic nanobot life assistance has eliminated such things, rendering medicine obsolete. Civil unrest and war are also extinct, as all of society lives under the watchful eyes of Public Security and the Commission of Oversight. Aside from the fact that his nanobots will run out of juice when he turns sixty, Locke has little to worry about.

But all is not as it seems. As Richard Locke discovers, there are secrets hidden at the core of this new society—deceptions which, if uncovered, could bring civilization as he knows it to its knees. Those who would keep those secrets soon turn their attention to him, with lethal intent. While conspiracies scheme and chaos engulfs the city, Locke must race to find the answers he needs, as the lives of his friends and family hang in the balance.