Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Extra Update

So, one last piece of news that we’ve kind of been holding out on until recently. We’re going to be having a baby!

That’s right, there will soon be a mini version of me or my wife running around. We are about ten weeks along, and the due date is supposedly set around April first, which just happens to be around my father’s birthday.

Today was the first ultrasound, and we were able to see the little kid for the first time. Looks healthy enough, doctor said everything was fine and that the heart was beating good and strong. As we were watching, the little one gave us a little kick/wiggle as if to say hello, so you can already tell that they’ve inherited our lack of ability for staying still. So, yeah, new Debenham on the way, and life continues as it always has. Who would’ve thunk it, huh?

Hope all is going well for you guys, and I’ll see you around!


  1. Congratulations! You guys are in for an adventure!

  2. Craziness! Congratulations, and good luck--you're going to need it!

  3. No way!! ha ha. That's hilarious! I can't wait to see you try to be a dad. ;)

  4. April 1st, eh? I sense an elaborate April Fool's Day joke, planned seven months in advance.

    In case it's not, though, congratulations. ;)