Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Personal Space

So, one major aspect of my personality happens to be that I have a huge personal space bubble. As in, an enormous one. I don’t like being touched, and I hate it when people stand too close. It bugs the crap out of me, pretty much every time. I don’t mean like excessive touching or people who hover. I mean any actual contact or anyone who stays closer than two feet for too long.

I know, intellectually, that I shouldn’t be bothered by this kind of thing, but that doesn’t stop it from happening anyway. Any time someone puts a hand on my shoulder or my arm or something like that, I have to consciously restrain myself from jerking away. Heaven help anyone who grabs my knee or something. People who hover are constant distractions too, especially when they are looking over my shoulder or something. I feel like I have to constantly watch them, like I’m expecting them to try something if I don’t pay close enough attention. Maybe it is related to my sense of claustrophobia, but I could be wrong

There are very few exceptions to this little quirk of mine, such as my family, and fortunately, my wife. In case any of you were wondering why I had to actually learn how to flirt with her while I was dating, this issue would be the reason why. Friendly hugs also seem to be exempt, though I have no idea why.

Oh well, at least I never expected to be normal, so I guess one quirk like this isn’t bad. At least, it could definitely be worse. See ya round!

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