Monday, June 27, 2011

On the Road to Progress

Well, I seem to be making at least a little progress so far. We've managed to find a copy editor for Woflhound, and we are planning to start that process in August. Still looking for a cover artist, but I am hoping that we find one soon.

In terms of writing, I'm about one-half to one-third of the way through the second draft of Iron Angels. My plan for that book is to rewrite most of the rest of it this week, then finish up the remnants in the next couple of weeks as I turn my attention to a new project.

That new project will be Badger, the sequel to Wolfhound. For the first five weeks I want at least eight thousand words a week while I work on other projects like Iron Angels, a brief Wolfhound revision, and perhaps the third draft on Kingsley. After those five weeks, I'm going to ramp up to around twelve thousand words a week to finish the first draft by September 10th. At that point I will switch from Badger to the next book in the Kingsley series. The planned title on that one will be The Continued Adventures of Hector Kingsley: Murders in Whitechapel, and the plan is to finish it six thousand words at a time while I aggresively rewrite Badger, Iron Angels, and get Wolfhound ready for publication near December 3rd. Another side project for the December deadline would be a collection of Christmas short stories Emily and I would put up on Amazon. If the rewrite goes well enough, I might be working on publishing Kingsley around the same time as well. After that, it'll be a race to get sequels revised up to standard and write new books to follow them up. Here's hoping that particular run is effective.

So that's the plan as we see it right now. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Outside of that,, I'll see you around!

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