Friday, July 15, 2011

On Badger

Well, the second draft of Iron Angels is finally complete, which means from here to the beginning of September my main project will be Badger, the sequel to Wolfhound.

It is definitely a relief to have finished Iron Angels. It is going to need a little more work, especially near the ending, but at the very least the draft is complete. Plus, I honestly need a little time away from that story right now.

Badger will be the first sequel that I've ever completed in my time as a writer. So far, it has been an interesting experience. I've been trying to identify things that a good sequel needs to be effective, and I've managed a short list. A character that represents a dark version of the main character has been one thing that I have noticed; another one is the need to show both the negative consequences of the previous books' triumph. A third thing would be the need to show the hero facing new, yet serious challenges to their journey as a hero, while another is to give them the temptation to leave their trials and just rest on their laurels.

I've come up with a way to include a lot of these things, but I'm always open to more suggestions. What aspects of a good sequel have you guys noticed in your careers as writers and readers? Let me know. I will see you later!

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