Friday, July 22, 2011

On Fake Politics

So Badger is turning out to be a very different book compared to Wolfhound. It has its own style and focus, which is strange because it has the same universe and many of the same characters. I'm used to switching between styles and stories, but it just seems strange to be keeping the rest of the stuff around.

One of the differences is in the amount of background I'm including. Wolfhound was a story that didn't delve too deeply into the history and political structures of Jacob Hull's universe. The characters were too isolated and too desperate to sit down and analyze the ideological conflicts that had shaped their situation. They were more focused on shooting pirates and dodging return fire.

Badger, though, has a bit more focus on the homefront. We get into the poltical background of the different factions, including the ones inside the Celostian Union. So far it's going well; I've managed to find analogues for the different groups in the material that inspired Jacob Hull's world. Still, I just hope I am not doing things poorly. The other problem that may be showing up is how little this comes into the first book.

Still, it should be fun. See you around!

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