Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On Google+

So yesterday I recieved an invite to join Google+, after some undignified begging and whinging. Turns out dignity is overrated; who knew?

Anyway, so far I am liking what I see. The whole concept of organizing people into circles really appeals to me, especially since I have a lot of different groups of friends who probably would not want to overlap. It seems to fit a lot better with how I socialize than Facebook. I don't want every post to be more or less like a giant speakerphone to my entire list of acquaintances and friends, and Google+ will allow me to narrow things down a bit.

The other features seem really cool as well. Hangouts will be a fun thing to dink around with, and the ability to set actual privacy settings really, really appeals to me. Call me paranoid, but I don't want every comment I post to my friends or writing group to get picked over by a prospective employer or co-worker. The fact that I can participate in a social network without having to sacrifice any kind of personal boundaries is actually quite liberating.

In any case, it seems like Facebook and Google+ will soon settle into different niches. Google will be for more active, daily posts, while Facebook will be for those rare, wide broadcasts you want to reach the ends of the earth. We shall see though. See you around!

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