Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Future Plans

I've been thinking about my future projects once I am finished revising Wolfhound for this last time. I think once I am done, I will turn my attention to Kingsley's book and try to get the first draft done the whole way through.

After that, though, I don't know which way to go with my writing. I don't know if it would be too soon to do a rewrite of Kingsley, or if it would be better to just start in on it right away. I don't want to burn out my interest in the project, but at the same time I need more good stories ready to submit.

I do know what my next novel will be though. I want to go back and start on Pioneer again with some new twists. This time, though, I want to change the title to Iron Angels. Seems to fit the story better, and it just plan sounds better. :)

So that's the update on my plans. Hope you all are doing well, and I'll see you around.

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