Monday, March 21, 2011

On Succeeding Anyway (Booyah)

I did it! Wolfhound was ready on time, and I actually like the draft! Mwahahahahaha!

So, yeah, it may win, it may not, but I feel like this project was incredibly motivating for me. I don't think I've gone on a writing marathon like that since freshman year at the Y. At the same time, it was wonderful to immerse myself in the story and just enjoy the whole thing. Even if the book goes down a complete failure, I feel like my experiences revising it for this contest have reaffirmed my decision to pursue writing as a career. It may be absolutely nuts, but I love every minute of it.

Now I will be shifting focus to other projects. Namely, Mr. Kingsley is in need of some attention. Time for some steampunk mystery adventure shenanigans. Again, in the most refined of manners, Mwaha.

Have a great week you guys, and I will see you later!

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