Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Immunolgy

Lately I’ve started looking up scientific articles online, and it has reminded me of something. Although molecular biology in general is an interesting subject, it has really only been immunology that has attracted my interest during my experiences in the field.

Immunology is the study of the immune system, how it works, how it develops, and how it can be manipulated for the benefit of mankind. The immune system is a fascinating part of our bodies, and the way it reacts to disease, parasites and allergens is incredible. It can change, adapt and evolve in a surprisingly effective manner, to the point where half the time it eliminates a problem before we are even aware that it is there. Each part of the system is so complex and the interactions so complicated that we are still trying to figure most of it out, and the potential power behind it means that we are looking for the most promising anticancer cures, solutions for genetic diseases, and other treatments by attempting to challenge it. The fact that the immune system is so effective can be dangerous as well, which is where a lot of autoimmune diseases, transplant rejections and the majority of symptoms associated with common illnesses come from. The entire field is like a treasure trove of possibilities.

I just wish I had more of an opportunity to research it. Unfortunately, with my current situation, I will continue to be limited to what articles I can find online. Still, it is fun to explore the subject, and that is encouraging. Even with the passage of time, my interest hasn’t been dulled, which I guess means if I get into grad school for it I’ll be just as interested as I was in college. Here’s hoping for that then. See you around!

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  1. You know, I was always kind of annoyed when I realized that most of the annoying symptoms of the common cold aren't because of the virus itself. Most of it is your immune system freaking out because some weird virus has invaded it. Stupid runny nose!