Saturday, July 10, 2010

On Time Flying

This past week has seemed to just fly by. Between working on the last parts of New Realm, working full time at the emergency room, and just trying to keep up with everything else, it seems like it was Monday just a day ago, rather than a whole week.

The bad part is that I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. I have a lot of decisions to make, both on where to apply for grad schools, med schools and the like as well as finding a new place for us to live come August. We’re still technically waiting on decisions from med schools, and it’s not like work is ever going to be less hectic. I might as well resolve myself to living life at a sprint for the next few months. Looking back at how lethargic my life was before, it is kind of a big shift to make.

Have any of you had this experience as well? I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish everything I had planned to do without running myself into the ground. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. In any case, I hope life is going well for you all, and that you are succeeding in your own trials. See ya!

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