Monday, April 25, 2011

On Finishing the Book

So the plan is to try and finish The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley this week. I am facing a bit of a conundrum on how to do so. I have never written a mystery novel before, and while the twistings and turnings of the story are fun and all, it is hard for me to tell if I am doing them correctly without reader input.

The other issue is the amount of time that I have left available. I'm still working forty hours this week, and on Friday my family arrives to shower affection on Sera and see her blessed on Sunday. Em's family will be here as well, so things will be a little bit hectic. Add that to the usual end of the month chaos and I have a more or less full plate, especially since the ending of the story keeps seeming to get farther away the more I write. It's like I'm chasing it down a tunnel that just gets longer and longer the further I go.

Still, I hope to either be done or close to done by this Saturday, and from there I will start Iron Angels. Wish me luck; I will probably need it...

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