Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Reviving the Writing Group

Well, our last couple of writing groups have been a bit, shall we say, lightly attended. I think part of the issue has been that a number of unique events, from baby births to moves to family issues, have kind of stepped in the way, and now it seems to be hard to get back in the habit of coming.

Still, I hope that I can convince people to keep attending. After all, the group has given all of us a lot of helpful criticism and advice, and it always helps to network a little if you are planning on going into publishing. Besides, the writing group is sadly one of the few social things I do on a regular basis, and it would frankly suck not to talk to my friends every so often, even if they are a few hundred miles distant.

I wonder if we should change the time to have it a bit later in the day. Maybe that would help the people stuck on the west coast at the very least. Another solution might be to find new people to join, though I don't know where I could find any. Crud. Oh well, I suppose we'll think of something. In any case, I'll see you around!


  1. I'm curious: why do we always need 3 submissions? what is wrong with doing only 2? Or even 1? If most of us are coming for the social aspect, then I don't see it a problem for having less submissions. Us goofing off could fill up the time easily enough, or it could be easier on those that are busy who can only show up for a quick five minutes and then leave.

    Those are my thoughts, at least.

  2. I agree with Aneeka. We don't need 3 every time. As long as we have 1, we can still meet to talk. The last couple times I've been busy with things, and next week I'll be on the road, but the 8am PST time slow actually works well for me. It's before everyone else gets up. :)