Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On the Second Novel

My second project came a long while after the first. I had only managed to get a few chapters into the Chrono Trigger fanfic, and I had not quite committed to the idea of writing stories after that.

Still, I had a habit of reading Star Wars novels when I was younger, and one day I decided that I would try out one of them for myself. I started with the idea that a Rebel group had made a dangerous hyperspace jump and accidentally stumbled upon a new planet. Then I pretty much just went from there, imagining up a new faction for the Star Wars universe and trying to stuff as much of what I enjoyed about the movies and books into the story. It was something that grew to be a fascinating project for me. I drew on inspiration from the Rogue Squadron books and their Wraith Squadron counterparts, as well as a bunch of other books I had read and enjoyed.

Then, about eighty pages into the new book, I lost the disk I had been saving the story on. With it was my only copy of the novel, since I had yet to learn my lesson from the last time I lost a book. To this day I feel hurt by that loss. There is no worse feeling than looking for something you've written and finding that the book--the whole book mind you--is gone.

And so collapsed my second attempt to write a story, once again foiled by foolishness and poor organizational skills. Luckily, when I started the third story I would be better prepared...

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