Monday, May 30, 2011

May Report

Alright, so at the beginning of the month I set about twelve goals that I wanted to accomplish before May was over. Shall we see how I did?

1. Finish first draft of Hector Kingsley. I am happy to report that this goal was definitely achieved! In fact I actually managed to get it done before the month started, which could be considered cheating but oh well...

2. Revise around 48k of Hector Kingsley before the end of the month. Cough cough. I, uh, kind of overachieved on this one. I started out doing around twelve thousand words a week, then I discovered that depending on the situation, I could get that much done a day and well... Let's just say that we have a fully functional, readable draft of Kingsley ready for anyone who wants to read it, okay?

3. Read and revise Megan's book, Contractural Gods. Success! Got it done last week in fact, and already returned it to her. It's a great story, and I am glad to have read it. Now we just need to get it published so more people can enjoy it!

4. Begin IA and write 6k per week on it. So far so good! The first draft of this one has already been a bit sloppier than Kingsley, but given that we are talking about a longer story that has been written far, far quicker than Kingsley was at the beginning, I am still satisfied with how it is developing. Now we just need to hammer out a few more details, and we will be set.

5. Visit the temple. Finally got this one done. I think I shall preserve this goal for future months. Going there definitely brought us some peace and direction that we could all use.

6. Attempt to go home teaching. Well, as long as you count the attempt part I managed it. I mostly just succeeded in getting a new home teaching assignment, but we'll work on that one. (Bows head in shame).

7. Do something social. Surprisingly enough, we managed this one. Actually had a night out with friends, baby and all. See, I can be around people too...kinda...

8. Work out the car licenses and drivers licenses. Ummm, kinda dropped the ball here. Might be able to work some of this in tomorrow, but I will need to continue my efforts in this category next month.

9. Begin my job hunt. I certainly started, now I just need to follow through...

10. E publish 'Killer'. It's up on Amazon as a Kindle book! Four people have already bought it. Shouldn't you? Heh heh heh.

11. Buy some new clothes. Much to the delight of my wife, we managed this one. Mostly got work clothes, since that's what I wear for most of the week, but that's okay. Now we just need new casual/sports stuff.

12. Stay sane. Well, how do you guys think I did on this one? Come on, be honest...

So there's my progress for the month. I think I managed to get a lot done before the end. We shall see how June turns out; hopefully I will be similarly productive, but we shall see. See you around!

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