Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Late Updates

Woops. I tend to have these things set up ahead of time, so sorry if you checked in before I got this up.

In any case, just as an update on my progress, I am already a good part of the way through the beginning of Iron Angels. I was worried about starting it, because there is a religious figure as one of the major characters and it is hard to write one of those without getting preachy or didactic. So far, though, it seems to be going well.

Kingsley's second draft is going well, though a bit slower than I'd like. It is hard to think in both stories at once, and I can only hope that between the writing group comments and my own notes I can avoid losing track of things.

In terms of my other goals, we managed a temple trip and a social outing so far, as well as a first readthrough of Megan's book. Hopefully that's a good enough start to let me finish the rest of my targets for the month. Here's hoping for good luck! See you around!

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