Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Writing Hard

Have you ever written so much your wrists and finger joints start to hurt?

I think it might be an indication of how much I've been pushing myself that I would have that to deal with. A part of it isn't the writing I guess; my job involve a lot of computer data entry and dealing with a little baby inolves a lot of strain on the hands. At the same time, my writing has gone a wee bit crazy. I'm blazing away on the second draft of Kingsley, writing the first draft of Iron Angels and revising Megan's story all at once, and that has to take a toll.

The good news is that after the next couple of weeks some of those projects will be completed. I might be able to slow my pace a little bit--though not a whole lot--and hopefully my poor brutalized fingers will recover. Otherwise it'll just be a little bit difficult to write as much as I need to over the next few months, wouldn't ya think?

In any case, hope life is treating you guys well. I'll see you around.

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