Friday, May 13, 2011

On Odd Possibilities

In my browsing, I've come across a publishing site by the name of It is a site that helps you publish paperback and hardback copies of your stories and other books, which would allow people to go and buy them even if you aren't picked up by a major publisher. It seems to be a pretty classy site, and I have been impressed by the services they are offering.

Besides the major possibilities for self-publisher authors, I've also started to wonder if I could use the site to publish a rule book for the Game. I know it is just a kind of odd side project, but it would still be fun for me to see the Game's rules in print, not to mention whatever side stories and such that I would include. But would the effort be justified by the payoff? Hmm....


  1. Lulu's great. My husband's grandfather was a professional genealogist and I compiled his last book on Lulu for the family. Also put a book together of some public-domain Revolution-era documents for my husband. I don't know how it does with graphics as I've just done text and charts, but Lulu's reputable and I think the products are reasonably priced and look nice. If you have something you want in book shape, it's a nice way to go (you can keep it private so only you can purchase, too -- I imagine it's just as difficult to self-publish successfully on Lulu as anywhere else). What's the Game?

  2. Sorry for the late response. Busy weekend. :)
    The Game is a roleplaying game system I developed during high school. By all accounts it worked pretty well, and I've had the occasional urge to revamp it and try to sell it somehow. You'll find a few posts about it here, though I kind of stalled out on it a little bit. I imagine the writing pace I've set for myself has something to do with that...