Friday, May 6, 2011

On Goals Completed

So last Friday I completed my steampunk novel The True Adventures of Hector Kingsley. Yeah, it's only a first draft, but I think I've really managed to accomplish something here. I anticipated writing a 100k novel at the start, with about 15k a week. I had to adjust my expectations downward to a 80k novel with about 10k a week.

Then I got near the end and discovered that the book would be longer than I gave it credit for. By the end of last week I had 72k and a whole lot of scenes to go. I buckled down, wrote 16.5k in a single week and finished the thing before my family came in on Friday. (Booyah!)It is a good sign that I can meet deadlines like this one, especially since I set it for myself. That kind of thing can be important when you are trying to publish something on any kind of schedule.

So now I have Kingsley ready for a quick rewrite. I think I will have fun fixing up all the scenes that didn't go as well the first time around, and it will be nice to move on to a new book as well. We shall have to see how it goes...

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