Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Wandering Leaves

As many of you guys already probably know, I have set a goal to be a full time writer at some point, whether self published or through a publishing agency. To that end I am wearing myself out on rewrites and new drafts in the hope of building up a bank of work that we can start putting out. E-publishing "Killer" was kind of the first step towards that goal as well.

Another step we've taken recently is slightly different. When Emily and I were first discussing the possibility of a writing career, we came up with idea of putting a kind of publishing company together. It would be more of a brand name, really, a way to identify the stories that came from one or the other of us so that our customers could cross over a little bit. We came up with the name Wandering Leaf Publishing. The name comes from an incident just after I proposed to my dear wife, who was slightly twitterpainted by the whole ordeal and afterwards declared that our 'love was like a leaf. It will grow big and fat!'

Sadly, my ideas of "Fat Leaf Publishing", "Corpulent Leaf Publishing" and "Big Boned Leaf Publishing" were all flatly rejected, but Wandering Leaf Publishing was apparently whimsical enough to pass the bar. We've already got a website/blog up, and we will both be posting on there occasionally as we finish and publish projects. Hopefully you will see more of that soon. In any case, see ya round!

PS Apparently I suck at linking to things. Here you go. Enjoy!

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